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Let me introduce myself - I am Claudia Davis and I own and manage Virtually the Lake.

In my first chosen profession, I worked in the telephone industry for 32 years; most of which was spent in the suburbs of Washington DC, and the last 9 years spent in Richmond, VA. That career probably contributed to two of my great assets organization and multi-tasking; as I managed many projects in my last 10 years with Verizon, formerly Bell Atlantic. Being dedicated to one company for so long, I developed skills in teamwork, management, organization, leadership, and supervision, just to name a few. Most importantly, I took advantage of Verizon's tuition assistance program, and in 2001 obtained Associate degrees in computer programming and computer technical support.

My husband and I bought property in Lake Gaston, VA in 2000, and built what we classified as a "Vacation Home" in 2002. We spent 90% of our weekends at the Lake and set a goal to retire there in 2008. Then in 2003 something unexpected happened - Verizon offered an early retirement package and I jumped at it at the age of 50.

We juggled some finances and my husband was able to advance his retirement as well, and we changed that "Vacation Home" to our "Retirement Home" in June 2006.

After retirement, I spent 3 months at home contemplating what I wanted to do with my free time. I began researching the possibilities of starting my own business. I knew what I wanted to do, but found it hard to start a business in Richmond, VA when my plans were to move to Lake Gaston. So, I took a part time job with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as an Administrative Assistant. I gained two more years of experience working for a wonderful non-profit organization, and learned that small business is in a completely different world than corporate business.

After moving to Lake Gaston in 2006, I started my small business as a Virtual Office Assistant. I got involved with the community, served on the Board of Directors for the Lake Gaston Chamber, and started drumming up clients; all of which led to many great new friendships and new business opportunities. Eight five percent of the work I perform in my business is Website design and maintenance. Nothing fancy, just nice simple websites affordable to small businesses. The other fifteen percent involves misc research, brochure design, mailings, etc.

However, living in a rural community away from family was a difficult transition for us. Unexpected family obligations led us to move back to Richmond VA in 2012. With my business being Virtual, the move did not affect my work, and most of my client base is still in and around the lake. I have branched out and now have clients in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina and Richmond VA.

That brings me to the present. Still going strong and still keeping things simple in order to assist other small business clients like myself.

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Virtually Yours at the Lake
Ashland, Virginia

(434) 865-4152

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Services Include

Research Support

Why spend hours doing research? Why not outsource the task to me? In my previous career, one of my specialties was research, followed by writing methods & procedures for technicians. Why not let my expertise work for you?

Microsoft Applications

Virtually the Lake offers expertise in Microsoft software applications; whether it be performing work for your business or designing training courses for a particular functionality using Microsoft Software.

Mission Statement

It is my mission to meet a broad range of administrative needs of small business owners providing the highest quality, at a reasonable cost.


  • Member of Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Lake Gaston Association