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Benefits Of Using a Virtual Office Assistant

Around Lake Gaston, as is true in other small communities, there are many benefits to hiring a virtual office assistant. Many business owners are faced with projects and tasks that come and go depending on the season. Hiring a virtual assistant is beneficial because they can work when you need them to work, eliminating the need to hire full time or even part time employees. Wouldn't it be nice to call someone you trust and say, "I have a special project to work on, can you assist me?" It could amount to two weeks of work, two months, or two days depending on the project. It may require the assistant to work with you in your office or work out of their own home office. Possibilities are unlimited.

A few other benefits to consider...

  • Escape the hidden costs of having an employee, such as payroll taxes, benefits, insurance, office space, office computers, software, sick leave, training and more.
  • Save money by only paying for time worked. No overtime pay when projects have to be completed by a specific time period.
  • Save time by delegating busy work and spending more time increasing revenue and building your client base.
  • You get experienced assistance when you need it.
  • Never have to pay a 'temp' agency fee; and eliminate the guess work by knowing who is performing the work each time you need assistance.
  • You can count on working with a professional who is dedicated to helping their own business grow.
  • A virtual office assistant strives to have a long term relationship with their clients; and will always strive to provide them the best quality service.

These are just a "few" beneficial reasons to hire me as your personal virtual office assistant.

Service Areas...

A Virtual office assistant can serve clients from many different locations, depending on the type of work needed. Most of the work can be discussed, planned and completed by phone and e-mail. In some cases clients never meet their assistant in person - thus the term 'virtual'. Currently Virtually the Lake has clients located in and around Lake Gaston, Richmond VA, North Carolina, Florida and Maryland. Personal one-on-one meetings are a possibility, depending on the nature of the project.

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