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What is a Virtual Office Assistant?

The word 'virtual' in this sense, is defined in the dictionary as being on or simulated on a computer or computer network; occurring or existing primarily online. In today's world technology lends itself the capability of one being able to perform many work functions from a remote location.

Word ProcessingA virtual office assistant is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and a variety of other specialized services to businesses, executives, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and others who seem to have more work to do than time to do it.

They work as independent contractors, sometimes out of their homes, and sometimes at their clients office, depending on the client's needs. And most importantly they are small business owners who, like any other business owner, define their success by customer satisfaction.

The Virtual Office Assistant concept originated in 1995 by Christine Durst in her rural home in Connecticut. It took off from that point on, and as a result there is now an International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA), which is the primary support organization for Virtual Office Assistants world wide.  More history can be found at the IVAA website or Virtual Assistant Networking website.

Benefits of using a Virtual Office Assistant

Many business owners are faced with projects and tasks that come and go depending on the season. Hiring a virtual assistant is beneficial because they can work when you need them to work, eliminating the need to hire full time or even part time employees.


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Creating Value

A Virtual Office Assistant creates value for her clients through a dynamic learning process - the more she learns about the client's business the more she is able to support that business; therefore, creating more value to the client.


In a Virtual Office Assistant/Client relationship, the Assistant gives all she has, in terms of talents, skills and resources. As a result there is constant benefit for all involved, and as such, the Assistant derives as much benefit from the relationship as the client.